Universal Pole Clamp

Product Overview

Universal Pole Clamps are made of Aluminium Die Cast. They are used for termination and suspension of aerial cabling in the telecom industry. The name of the product itself suggest that it is made for general purposes such as looping of cables through a DShackle if required. It is usually mounted on poles using a special clamping product known as the Universal Pole bands, but can also be mounted using Jubliee Hose Clamps or Steel Bands. The product can also be tailor made for being fitted on vertical hard surfaces. The product is also available in Galvanised Steel.

Main Technical Indicators

  Universal Pole Clamp
Pressure Die Casted Galvanised Steel
Product Code UPCDC UPCMS
Technical Drawing No DC/RJ/P/001 DC/PC/RJ/002
Max Load for Termination 900 Kgs 900 Kgs
Max Load for Suspension 900 Kgs 900 Kgs
Galvanization Coating Thickness - Upto 65 microns

Product Configuration

Particulars UOM Quantity
Universal Pole Clamp (Steel/Die Casted) Pcs 1
Universal Pole Bands (SS-304) Pcs 2
Aluminium Extruded Locks Pcs 4
Galvanized Carriage Bolts (Fully Threaded) Pcs 2
M10 Washer (Galvanized) Pcs 2
M10 Nut (Galvanized) Pcs 2

We have a dedicated in house R & D to develop these clamps as per your technical requirement.

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