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DC group which comprises of M/s D. C. Engineers Pvt Ltd & M/s D. C. Teletronics Pvt Ltd both an ISO 9001 -2015 certified companies was established in the year 1999 by Mr. Dhiren K. Shah and since inception have been in the business of sheet metal based engineering products for power and telecom sector. Though our core competency is that of manufacturing sheet metal components, DC has ventured into manufacturing die casting as well as plastic components.

We are a quality company, but we have always wanted to be more that. We have engineered our quality to exceed our customer specifications and our products have now become their only real value choice

The developments of our technical and engineering groups as well the fulfilment of our customer requirements and orders are undertaken in our factory. The close relationship between our engineering and manufacturing sections ensures the ability to react quickly to customer requirements and to rapidly incorporate product improvements. In-house manufacturing is an economic factor, which is of ultimate benefit of the customer and finally permits reliable control of a high level of quality assurance.

The company's principal and motto for the customer, all the time with focus on








Visionary Founder

All 2 together are responsible for the development of new clientele , products and also the growth of the company.

Dhiren k. Shah
Chairman & MD

Dhiren K. Shah the person who founded the group back in 1985 and corporatized it in 1999.

Our Mision & Vission

Our vision is to become a dynamic top performing engineering company, pioneering new products to meet and exceed customer specifications.

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