Copper Braid

Product Overview

Flat braids made of many copper wires are also sometimes used for flexible electrical connections between large components. Tinned copper braid without the connection eye are also used as an earth lead in joints and terminations. Tinned copper braid with connection eye at one end, used as an earth lead for the metal tape/lead sheath, in plastic and rubber and paper insulated lead sheathed cables. The numerous smaller wires comprising the braid are much more resistant to breaking under repeated motion and vibration than is a cable of larger wires. Also with our scope is to provide the same with the lugs and also without water block.

Available Range

Flat Braids without Lugs & Solder Flat Braids with Lugs but without Water /Solder Block Flat Braids with Lugs & Water / Solder Block
Technical Dwg No: DC/FLCB/001 Technical Dwg No: DC/CBL/001 Technical Dwg No: DC/CBLS/001
Product Code L1 B Product Code L1 B Product Code L1 B
CB-013-1 Length as
10 CB-036-2-400 400 14 CBW-036-2-400 400 14
CB-013-2 15 CB-036-2-800 800 14 CBW-036-2-800 800 14
CB-013-3 22 CB-036-3-400 400 20 CBW-036-3-400 400 20
CB-013-4 25 CB-036-4-400 400 22 CBW-036-4-400 400 22
CB-013-5 35 CB-036-4-500 500 22 CBW-036-4-500 500 22
CB-013-6 50 CB-036-4-750 750 22 CBW-036-4-750 750 22
      CB-036-5-500 500 25 CBW-036-5-500 500 25
      CB-036-6-500 500 33 CBW-036-6-500 500 33
      CB-036-6-850 850 33 CBW-036-6-850 850 33
      CB-036-4-750 750 40 CBW-036-4-750 750 40

For without lugs the product is available in the length size as per customer specification or continuous lengths of 50 / 100 Mtrs

For braids with lugs with / without water/ solder block product available as per customer specification of length

We have a dedicated in house R & D to develop these braids as per your technical requirement

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