Cable Loop Storage Clamp

Product Overview

Cable Looping storage clamp, as the name itself suggests, is a pole / wall mounting clamp which is used for storing excess cable loops in aerial cabling. It is designed in such a way that it is easy for field operator to easily remove the carriage bolt through the key hole and then opening the rubber cushion. The rubber cushion is made of EPDM.

Main Technical Indicators

Descriptions Cable Looping Storage Clamp
Product Code J-Clamp
Max Load 250 Kgs
Galvanization Coating Thickness Upto 65 microns

Product Configuration

Particulars UOM UOM
Cable Loop Storage Clamp Pcs 1
Jubliee Hose Clamp Pcs 2
EPDM Rubber (50mm ID) Pcs 1
Self Lockable Ball lock Cable Tie (SS) Pcs 3
M10 Carriage Bolt (Zinc Coated) Pcs 1
M10 Nut & Washer (Zinc Coated) Pcs 1

We have a dedicated in house R & D to develop these clamps as per your technical requirement.

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