Warning Tape

Product Overview

WARNING TAPE is bright coloured/printed tape (often incorporating a two-tone pattern of alternating colour strips that is used to warm or catch the attention of person passing by of an area or situation containing a possible hazard. Its acts as a minor impediment to prevent accidental entrance to that area and a result enhances general safety. Warning tape is made with durable, resilient, tear-proof plastic materials such as polyethylene. Similarly, a warning mesh is generally laid underground at some feet above the underground cables/pipes. It warns. It warns the feild operator and warns him from further digging the land using his tools which may damage cables / pipes placed underground. The slots on the mesh are provided so that the underground water does not accumulate over the mesh and slides through the slots and mixes with the soil.

Main Technical Indicators

  Warning Mesh Warning Tape
Technical Drawing No DC/WM/001 DC/WT/001
Width 300 mm standard As per customer requirement
Text Printing Available Available
Colour As per Requirement As per Requirement

We have a dedicated in house R & D to develop the Warning Signs as per your technical requirement.

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